With over 10 years’ experience in high-end kitchen design, CUCINAD offers individualized design services and tailored solutions to create your perfect kitchen. Whether your project is big or small, our design team will be happy to guide you through the whole design process, from the first design draft, to the manufacturing and final installation of your bespoke kitchen. At CUCINAD, we work exclusively with the Italian high-end kitchen manufacturer Cesar. Our Cesar kitchen Maxima 2.2 exhibited in the showroom is available in a variety of colors, finishes and styles. We happily work on kitchen remodelling projects with home owners directly, or also with architects and developers on commercial buildings.


Nestled in the heart of Wan Chai, our showroom offers an up-close look at our modern kitchen cabinetry lines. Our team of designers have an extensive knowledge of kitchen ergonomics, color schemes, surface technology, appliance functionality, and storage space. The team is fully trained and will be able to assist you with your project. The kitchen design showroom is open seven days a week, and gets frequently visited by home owners, architects, interior designers, builders and developers.


Cesar Kitchens are internationally known for their expertise and craftsmanship in offering innovative, modern high-end kitchens custom-made in Italy.


Maxima 2.2 kitchen is a versatile and innovative modern kitchen design system. It is a contemporary kitchen system with a creative, highly versatile character, and there are over 90 kitchen cabinet finishes to choose from, including lacquer, glass, metal, wood, laminate and eco-gloss. The name of Cesar Maxima 2.2 kitchen derives from the thickness of its cabinet doors, which have the perfect deepness of exactly 2.2 centimetres.


UNIT kitchen model is a productive, luminous modern kitchen system that is not bounded by its surroundings. It can be characterized by its thin brass cabinet legs, both for the kitchen island and the base and tall kitchen cabinets.


The name N_Elle stands for “New Elle” since the Cesar Elle kitchen model has existed for several years, but was recently relaunched with new features, kitchen cabinet finishes and design options. This award-winning kitchen model exudes a feminine style that, like the modern woman, is elegant, contemporary and charming. Cesar N_Elle embraces minimalist lines and has, like the other Cesar kitchen models, a highly refined kitchen cabinetry quality. Its beauty is expressed through its exquisite simplicity and design. It is a modern kitchen that is able to flourish and show its value by being integrated into the hearts and minds of your daily life at home.


Cesar Intarsio kitchen is part of the contemporary kitchen collection. This stunning kitchen model reinvents modern-day kitchen design and surprises with a wide range of new materials, designs and finishes. With a focus on geometry, Cesar Intarsio is a custom kitchen model that is often chosen by interior designers, architects and art lovers alike. Looking for contrasts within sleek design, and personality with a unique character.


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